Have you ever thought how food may affect your love life?  There are many natural aphrodisiacs found within food and variety of chemicals and hormones can be stimulated by eating certain foods.  Take a look at our top picks for valentine’s day:

Dark chocolate – known to be rich in anti-oxidants it also raises phenethylamine, also called PEA or the “love chemical”.  PEA is involved in dopamine release and stimulates the pleasure centres in the brain. No wonder it tastes to so good.

Avocado’s are rich in vitamin E and are thought to support sex hormones. The Aztecs named the avocado tree the “Tree of testicles” not hard to imagine why with their shape!

Almonds are one of the oldest known aphrodisiacs and fertility symbols. They are rich in essential fatty acids, which are needed for the production of sex hormones.  The essential fats also play a role in reproductive function, fertility and healthy libido. Added to this their magnesium content may contribute to relaxation.

Honey has many beneficial properties and mead made from honey was traditionally drunk by newlyweds in the first month to “sweeten their marriage”, which is where the term “honeymoon” is thought to originate. In addition to this the Egyptians used honey for impotence.

Vanilla has a luxurious flavour and scent and is said to stimulate desire and euphoria.

Why not try our saucy recipe this valentines?